Week one, Introduction of documentary

In this week, I shot a video with my classmate Jialin. This is a video using 4 camera angles to present the story. These are close up, low angle, high angle and point of view.

From: ‘Directing the Documentary’ by Michael Rabiger (4th Edition, 2004)

Documentary is the video to present the truth with no setting and operation. It can reflect so social issues and ecology environment. There are several documentary modes. For instance, poetic, expository, observational, participatory, reflexive, and performative. In this week, we focus study on observational & expository modes of documentary as our group task. These two documentaries are both documentary mode which are always being use. Firstly, observational mode is always used in history documentary. Usually, there are no any voice over and commentary and no interview. All the quotes used inside the documentary should be truth and supported by evdience. The camera should be hidden while the shooting, the shot should present in a natural way. The filmmakers couldn’t control the event as they want, all things happened naturally. It presents like someone was hidden and observing somebody. Examples of observational documentaries are ‘Big Brother’ by Emma Willis in 2013 and ‘The Hunting Ground’ by in 2015. Secondly, expository documentary aim to educate and explain things. This documentary mode always have to do a lot of research and it likes teaching things. ‘Voice of god’ is some expert’s speech to educate the audience.